About Us

What began as a journey to develop a white LED grow light for our LiveWall® line of living plant products led us down a new path—the discovery that light not only affects plant growth, but also greatly affects human wellness. And, as biologists who care, we realized that unique lighting products, focused on wellness, created an opportunity to make a difference in peoples’ lives and health.

Human physiology is synchronized to the sun’s daily changing light spectrum. Morning sun awakens us and helps us to focus, midday sun energizes us and helps us to feel good, and evening sun helps us to relax and prepare for sleep.

Yet, most of the artificial light we’re exposed to is not like sunlight (which our physiology is attuned to), and can leave us feeling lethargic when we should be energized and alert, distracted or agitated when we should be calm, or excited when we should be relaxed. The term “biological darkness” has been coined to describe this unhealthy, energy-draining light.

Now couple the notion of biological darkness with the startling fact that 93 % of our time is spent indoors (under artificial light), and it’s no surprise we have such high rates of  insomnia, anxiety, depression, attention deficit, and other performance related challenges. 

Proper lighting won’t cure all such problems, but it can certainly help.

Norb offers a solution.

Unhealthy lighting products, today, do not have to be the norm.

Modern LED lighting technology allows us to choose the specific wavelengths of light to put into each lighting product — so as to mimic the sun’s natural spectrum and overcome biological darkness, helping to normalize our physiology.

Norb®, Nutri-Orb, are light bulbs dedicated to providing the right type of light nutrition, for human wellness and performance. Our interest is in the biology of lighting to help you to be healthier, happier, and more productive.

Make the switch to Norb® Wellness Lighting for better working, learning and living. 

It’s light changing.™