NorbBOTANIC is a Nutri-Orb, a unique white light with a specialized spectrum to support plant health and growth.

Plants are a lot like people and pets; they need proper nutrition to thrive. NorbBOTANIC is designed to provide the light-nutrition that plants need.

Typical LED grow lights use a combination of red and blue diodes that emit a violet-pink color that is unsuitable for most places that people work, learn, heal, shop and live.

With NorbBOTANIC, not only will your plants thrive; they will look right under white light.

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What makes NorbBOTANIC the natural choice for growing plants indoors?

  • Highest quality, durable and long lived
  • Proper spectrum for plant growing
  • Looks natural – white light, no weird looking pink or purple distortion

Norb lights enhance not only plant health but also human wellness:

Diagram of where to use Norb Botanic in the home.
Lighting specifications for the NorbBOTANIC bulb.

Frequently Asked Questions about NorbBOTANIC

Yes, this bulb will fit into E26/E27 sockets—typically referred to as a “medium” or “standard” base. This is the most common size in which you’ll find lamps and fixtures.

A PAR38 bulb is 4.75″ wide, so ensure that hooded fixtures—as are typical in track lighting cans—have sufficiently large openings to fit the bulb. It’s best to check the fixture specifications to see if it is recommended for a PAR38 bulb.

Plants need a dark period to rest and prevent metabolic fatigue. Therefore, grow lights should only be run 12-15 hours maximum per day—typically from 7 AM to 8 or 9 PM (to mimic light conditions in tropical regions). The rest of the time, they should be in darkness, or near darkness.

Do not light your plants with NorbBOTANIC for more than 15 hours per day.

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