NorbSMILE is a Nutri-Orb, a unique white light with a specialized sunlike spectrum to lift your spirits and boost your energy year round.  And, it’s a wonderful asset for beating the winter blues.

People respond to light, and amazingly the typical person spends 93 % of their time indoors. The trouble is — typical lights (bulbs and tubes) do not provide the light nutrition we need, and we can become slow, sluggish, even depressed.  NorbSMILE provides a light spectrum like natural sunlight (minus UV radiation), helping you to feel happy and healthy, and to perform at your best.

NorbSMILE A19 bulb and packaging.

Norb Bulb (A19)

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NorbSMILE tube light bulb and packaging.

Norb 48″ Tube (T8, T12)

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What makes NorbSMILE the right choice for illuminating your day?

  • Light spectrum is similar to sunshine, without the damaging UV rays
  • Happy light spectrum helps with Winter Blues and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
  • Combats fatigue from too much time indoors—the average person spends 93 % of their time indoors in unnatural light spectrum.

NorbSMILE can even help you maintain your circadian rhythm and healthy sleep/wake patterns, particularly when paired with NorbSLEEP.


Note: Does not substitute for vitamin D supplementation.

Standard Bulb (A19)

Bright, 680 Lumens:
When not dimmed, 11 watt LED is equal to 50 watt incandescent bulb.

High quality, long lasting bulb:
Expected to last 6 years at average of 8 hours per day run time, with a 3 year warranty.

Low cost to operate:
Estimated annual cost is only $ 1.76 when run for 4 hours per day.

Dimmable, compact A19 style bulb fits nearly any fixture (2.25 in. wide x 3.5 in. long with standard base).

CRI 97:
Natural sunlike spectrum with near perfect color rendering (97 out of 100), so objects look natural, not odd or color-distorted.

Diagram of where to use Norb Smile bulbs in the home.
Lighting specifications for the NorbSMILE bulb.

48″ Tube (T8, T12)

Bright, high quality:
18 watt LED produces 1800 Lumens, comparable to 32 watt fluorescent tube.

Long lasting tube light:
Expected to last 17 years at average of 8 hours per day run time, with a 3 year warranty.

Low cost to operate:
Estimated annual cost is only $ 5.76 when run for 8 hours per day.

Instant On:
No waiting for warm-up.

CRI 97:
5000K color temperature with near perfect color rendering, so objects look natural, not odd or color-distorted.

Dimmable, fits ballasted or non-ballasted 48-inch 2 prong fixtures.

View Compatible Ballasts (PDF)
Diagram of where to use Norb Tube Lights.
Lighting specifications for the NorbSMILE tube light.

Frequently Asked Questions about NorbSMILE

Goodness no; you can have lighting products with equal color temperatures that radiate different light frequencies. The light components of the NorbSmile are designed to enhance your overall well-being and to look “normal” with nearly perfect color rendering.

No; high intensity “happy lights” are therapeutic lighting products of relatively high intensity, with very specific usage instructions. The NorbSMILE is a sunlike-spectrum light—but of much lower intensity, designed for regular day to day use—in home or business, from morning until early evening. The spectrum is natural, unlike most lighting products which emit light spectra very different than the sun (and can cause people to feel lethargic, distracted or agitated).

There are four consideratons:

  1. It is a 2-pin tube (which is by far the most common type).
  2. It replaces 48” florescent tubes.
  3. It is a “hybrid” type”, which means it will work with most ballasted and non-ballasted fixtures (download a complete list of compatible ballasts).
  4. It is UL approved as a T8 (T8 means 1-inch diameter tube). It may also be used in T10 and T12 fixtures (which accommodate 1.25” and 1.5“ diameter bulbs respectively), provided a UL rating for T10 or T12  is not required (by fixture or user).

No; we specifically designed NorbSMILE to imitate the sunlight’s natural spectrum with the exception of the ultra-violet (UV) frequencies.  UV rays are what helps our body to produce vitamin D, but are also a source of radiation and thus may damage skin.

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